What is OXO Wrap Degradable Food Wrap?

  • OXO Wrap is a standard plastic film, with an additive to accelerate its degradation.

How does OXO Wrap work?

  • Degradation of the film is induced by adding a “pro-degrading” agent to the film formulation. The agent will modify the properties of the plastic material, making it oxo-degradable. 

  • The life cycle of our oxo-degradable film is composed of 3 distinct phases:

1.Storage and use, without modification of the characteristics of the product.

2. Fragmentation of the molecular chains, under the effect of heat and/or UV rays, at the end of the product's life cycle.

3. Oxidation of the short chains followed by assimilation of the now hydrophilic fragments by microorganisms present in the earth. 

  • The result is a film that disappears; the oxo-degradation process generates only water, biomass and carbon dioxide.

OXO-Wrap Degradable food film

   Is It Safe?

  • All of the materials used in the production of our oxo-degradable film, including the pro-degrading agents conform to FDA and EU directive 2002/72/EC.

  • The oxo-degradation of our film will only begin after a minimal period of one year, and only if the proper storage conditions for the film have not been respected (exposure to abnormal heat and/or UV rays).

  • Under recommended storage conditions, oxo-degradable film will conserve all its properties such as performance, technical characteristics, appearance... for a duration of well over 12 months.

  • Tests have been carried out by our pro-degrading additive supplier, in order to establish the conformity of oxo-degradable films in terms of soil safety and eco-toxicity. These tests gave positive results, clearly showing that the resulting compost had no toxic or dangerous effect.