Joyce (Ontario)
"I love the product."

Marie (Ontario)
"I am a huge fan of SulcoWrap, this is the best I have ever used."
Edward (Ontario)
"It has become a welcome addition to our food handling, my wife would be lost without it."
Brian & Debbie (Ontario)
"This is an excellent product."
Serida (Ontario)
"Your product is an essential aspect of my kitchen. I've used others and it is just not the same.
C.F. (British Columbia)
"We enjoy using your product."

Monica (Quebec)
"I love your product ... I tried other refills that fit but it is not your brand and the wrap is terrible. It breaks off and gets tangled on the roll..."

Eleanor (Ontario)
"I have purchased your SulcoWrap and have found it to be quite strong and I do not have to use as much as the other brands"
Diane (Ontario)
"I am quite pleased with the product, it is a very good space saver at home as well a in my trailer"
Jeff (British Columbia)
"My SulcoWrap dispenser is great! I use it almost everyday. Everyone should have one in the kitchen. Buy your family and friends one as a gift and they will thank you over and over again."
Mark (Ontario)
"It is simply a kitchen "appliance" that I would not be without. The convenient attachment to the kitchen cabinets means that it is always available but never in the way. The solid mounting system means that I don't worry about pulling too hard. It's easy to refill, but the large rolls last a long time. Overall it's great!"