SulcoWrap Food Film Dispensing System

SulcoWrap Food Film Dispenser

SulcoWrap is a dispenser for SulcoWrap™ Food Film and Sulco Aluminum Foil.  The SulcoWrap™ food film is FDA approved, microwave and freezer safe. The Sulco Aluminum Foil is as good as, if not better, than the national brand.

SulcoWrap™ is a very attractive product which has been designed to enhance every kitchen. Our product is unique because SulcoWrap™ is easily installed in areas away from the kitchen counter, saving valuable counter space and time.

You're in control!
SulcoWrap Food Film Dispenser     

Everyone who works or spends time cooking in the kitchen is always looking for ways to increase their efficiency in the kitchen. SulcoWrap™ allows the user to be in control of their food film or aluminum foil when wrapping an item. With Sulco's permanent food film dispenser, the user has both hands free to wrap the item. There is no more tearing off a portion of food film only to have the film cling to itself. The user now controls the food film or aluminum foil, and the amount they require with the greatest of ease.